Guys And Their Arm Tattoos

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Published: 23rd February 2011
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The most popular area for placing tattoos on men are the arms because most men want everyone to see them. The arms are the best place to make designs because provides a large area to work on and makes it easier for the tattoo artist.

Most times only one visit to a tattoo shop is required to get a completed tattoo. Most tattoos require one or more sessions with the first session consisting of the outlining. If everything goes accordingly, then the tattooing begins which is the second session.

When you decide on an arm tattoo, consider a few things first. Will the whole arm be covered? How about from the shoulder to the forearm? Some designs include only the lower arm, so consider this when choosing your design.

Men and Women both have different tattoo types and it is where they are placed on the arms. Different techniques are used when it is applied to the area. Having this knowledge will help you pick the area for your design.

Tattoos that go from the shoulder to the elbow are called sleeve tattoos and usually wrap around the arm. There are thousands of designs to choose from and you can even mix and match to make your tattoo stand out.

A shoulder tattoo is a second type and is very popular. They blend in well with the contour of the shoulder. These tattoos use the entire shoulder and arm but does not go over to the blade of the shoulder. The upper arm is the popular area if you want the shoulder tattoo to connect.

Another form of arm tattoo is the forearm tattoo. These are placed on the lower arm, either inside or out.

The arms are the most convenient place for tattoos. You can hide the tattoo depending on what you wear. The advantage of putting a tattoo on the arm is that it is less painful than other places because of the muscle mass in the arms.

When putting a tattoo on your arm, choose the best design for the particular area of the arm.

Information like this will help you with Arm Tattoos and find the Perfect Design

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